Head to Toe Reporting

Transcranial Doppler to lower extremity artery and vein imaging, EncaptureMD Vascular Ultrasound reporting handles it all. Designed by experienced clinicians and accreditation specialists, it provides a fast and easy way to construct accreditation-complaint reports.



  • Transcranial
  • Carotid
  • Upper extremity artery and vein
  • Mesenteric
  • Abdominal aorto-iliac and vein
  • Renal and renal graft
  • Lower extremity artery and vein


  • Tight integration with CPACS, PACS and ShowCase viewers
  • IAC-compliant reports for all anatomical areas.
  • DICOM SR data transfer from the US machine.
  • Specialty reports like PPG, cold sensitivity, thoracic outlet obstruction maneuver testing and more.
  • Integration with Parks Flowlab with waveform import as well as data.