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Billing and Coding keeps the doors open. It is essential to perform this step properly. EncaptureMD has very powerful tools to allow administrators and the billing/coding specialists to control how billing is done, enforce documentation and coding rules at the point of care, run statistical analysis to determine outcomes and much more.

Both technical and professional billing is handled by EncaptureMD. Modifier codes, quantities and comments can be added to each code.  With our HL7 DFT integration, completed bills can be sent directly to EMR.


Enforcing The Rules

When a physician attempts to sign a billing sheet, billing validation runs to ensure that:

  • The billing has been properly entered
  • There is no conflict between procedure codes (e.g. you can't bill 12345 with 23456)
  • Each CPT code has one or more required ICD 10 codes
  • Documentation is consistent with what is being billed

Rewriting The Rules

EncaptureMD administrators have full control over how billing works. Create a series of procedures. Each can have one or more CPT/HCPCS code. Choose which procedures are automatically checked for the procedure and which are optional. Codes can be for technical billing, professional billing or both.

Associate ICD 10 codes with procedures. Instead of having to pick from 30,000 codes, the user only need view the most common 20, but still has access to the full set if needed via a search engine.

Add new codes and expire existing codes. Set a start date for a code, test it by moving the date forward and it will automatically update on the date specified.

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Removing Double Entry

EncaptureMD's powerful integration engine has a fully-developed HL7 DFT interface. Combined with our Inventory module, we can send signed and reviewed billing information direct to EMR/HIS. Powerful validation prevents under and over-coding, coding conflicts and enforces proper report content.

This is a 2 step process

  1. After validation, the MD signs the billing sheet.
  2. The coder reviews the CPT and ICD 10 codes, the inventory information and the clinical report then submits the final bill to EMR/HIS.

EncaptureMD makes it easy to code even the most challenging cases and helps to verify that the many steps were performed correctly.