Many labs are managing this process using a whiteboard, printed lists generated from a calendar program like Outlook or by various other means. EncaptureMD can make scheduling procedures a breeze. With just a few steps, an ordered procedure will appear on the lab calendar. EncaptureMD Scheduling supports multiple labs, each having their own unique schedule, patients and staff. Each lab can have multiple schedulable rooms including rooms shared with others. EncaptureMD Scheduling adds many analytical reports to the system, thereby improving room utilization and staff scheduling. 

  • Need to re-schedule? Just drag the study to a different lab or different day and time.

  • Need to replace the whiteboard? Install EncaptureMD on a small computer and mount an HDTV on the wall of the lab so that everyone knows what is scheduled.

  • Need to know your own specific schedule? EncaptureMD is web-based, so call it up on your computer to review your schedule. Updates are immediate so the whiteboard or printed schedule becoming outdated is no longer a problem.


A Day in the Life of a Lab

This particular example shows multiple physicians (each gets their own color) doing various procedures in multiple rooms. This is a single day view. 2 day, week and month views are all available. Navigate to specific days easily by using the calendar in the bottom right corner. 

Basic work flow:

  • A study is ordered. It will appear to the scheduler in the column on the right.

  • To schedule a study, simply navigate to a day and drag the study tile into the lab at the time desired. Each procedure has a default length which can be easily modified by dragging the lower edge of the tile

  • To add data, single click on the tile for a quick add or double click to open the study in EncaptureMD the same as going to the work list.

  • To re-schedule, drag to a different lab or time or drag back to the list on the right, go to another day and drag back in.

EncaptureMD by Flexible Informatics-3 2.png

Define the Procedure, Checklist Items and Assets

EncaptureMD allows the user to define or change the performed procedure, reassign the MD, adjust the procedure length and add Checklist Items and Assets. Each procedure has its own pre-defined checklist items and assets.

Checklist Items are tasks that need to be completed before the procedure is performed. Blood work, consent, X rays and much more can be tracked here to ensure it is complete. The procedure tile has a thermometer that tracks completion - red for undone, green for finished.

Assets are equipment, staff members or vendor reps who need to be present for the procedure. Ensure that the right tools and people are present for the case.