A Complete Package

EncaptureMD EP is a robust, comprehensive informatics solution. Doctors, nurses, administrators, coders, schedulers, inventory managers and registry teams all work together within one system. Information flows seamlessly from the EP recording and mapping systems and EMR/HIS to help create the clinical report and so much more.

Our system has been designed by luminaries in the field. Unlike any other system, EncaptureMD starts with the knowledge base culled from feedback received from all our customers from major academic institutions. It is not a "We'll build it exactly the way you want it" offer. It is a completely functional system that handles device cases, EP diagnostic studies, ablations, cardioversions and tilt testing right out of the box.


  • EP study

  • Devices

    • Implant

    • Upgrade

    • Explant

  • Ablations

    • Afib

    • SVT, VT

    • AVRT

  • Specialty (e.g. LAAO)

  • Cardioversion

  • Tilt table testing

EncaptureMD EP is an information hub

  • Data flows in from

    • EMR/HIS

    • EP recording and mapping systems

    • Staff

  • Data flows out

    • Physician and nurse case documentation

    • Billing/coding

    • Inventory used

    • Registry

    • Research and business analytics


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Meaningful diagrams

EP procedures are complex and varied. Diagrams help explain the outcome to the referring doctors, the surgical team and the patient themselves.

Full reports with just a few clicks

Most device cases and Afib ablations can be reported with just a few mouse clicks. Complex cases need only a few more clicks. Free texting is quick and easy and can be done by Fellows, Nurse Practitioners or the attendings themselves.

Nursing documentation with real time vital signs

Ideal for St. Jude or Boston Scientific systems that don't have robust nurse documentation systems, our nursing module excels at constructing proper nurse logs. Even GE customers choose EncaptureMD nursing over their offering.