Administrators need data to make decisions. Researchers need data to make new discoveries. Analytics is the key to both.

EncaptureMD Search and Analytics is a 5 part tool:

  1. Quick Search - enter the patient's name or medical record number and find the patient in seconds. This is the best way to find any patient. 
  2. Advanced Search - search by multiple criteria like name, MRN, date range, study type, and phrases in the report. This method is great to find patients and studies for clinical presentations or to get a rough idea about case volumes.
  3. Query tool - this is a graphical tool that allows the user to construct multi-part SQL-type queries without having to write SQL. Set multiple comparisons, like Ejection fraction greater than 35 but less than 55 and even complex queries involving grouped Boolean logic, like EF 35-55 AND (AV Area <0.8 OR AR=Moderate). Save and name queries to run again the future.
  4. Dashboard reports - EncaptureMD comes standard with a basic set of analytical reports to determine report turn around time, and study volumes. Adding modules like Inventory and Scheduling increase the number of available reports. We also offer custom report design to match your specific needs.
  5. Data Warehouse - export case data via XML or SQL to database tables. Use your own tools to comb through the data.

Pre-Defined Analytical Reports

We have dozens of available analytical reports and the number continues to increase. Adding modules increases the number available. We also do custom report design.

EncaptureMD by Flexible Informatics-4.png

Ad Hoc Query Tools

Construct a query in seconds without needing to know SQL. Pick the fields to place into the output and run the query - output to load the EncaptureMD work list or as an Excel spreadsheet. Save the query to be run again in the future.

Data Warehouse

All data exported to SQL-style tables. Use your own tools to search, analyze and display data. Combine EncaptureMD data with data from other systems or databases.

At the end of each case, EncaptureMD exports the study information as granular data to a SQL table or as an XML file. This is our most versatile option. Once exported, use any database tools needed to write complex queries, display as graphs and much more.