EncaptureMD Inventory Management

Our product is designed to work whether you are presently managing inventory manually or have an existing inventory system with which we need to interface. One of our many advantages it that we can read the existing manufacturer's barcodes in >98% of all scanned models. This simplifies setup as no RFID or additional bar code need be added and there is important information in the bar code, such as device and lead serial numbers, expiration date and lot numbers for recalls.

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Full Inventory Management

Track inventory in the store room. Set par and reorder levels. Group item models into classes for easy organization, display, tracking and reporting. Scan items as they are delivered. Know what you have in stock at all times.

When items are scanned in during a case, decrement the inventory.

When the case is done, bill for the scanned items.

Run reports to find out when to reorder product, whether product is going to out-date and what items are being used by specific physicians and for specific procedures.


In-Lab Scanning

For the full inventory system installation, in-lab scanning decrements counts in the database. All the items used during a case are scanned before being put on the field. Manufacturer's barcodes contain the manufacturer and model information, a lot or serial number, and manufacture and expiration dates. This is critical data.

If EncaptureMD is acting in pass-through mode, we send the items scanned to the existing inventory system either in real time or at case end.

If EncaptureMD is receiving scanned items from another system via an HL7 interface or shared scanner setup, the inventory will appear in this window as it is scanned in the other system.

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