EncaptureMD's cloud servers are fast, robust, scalable and have almost no local IT footprint which means lower total cost of ownership. Communication to the servers are HIPAA/HiTech compliant with AES encryption for all communications. Backup is automatic. We even keep a 3rd copy at a different site for the ultimate in redundancy/protection.

Local installation

Some larger facilities prefer to have their data in their own server farm. We use the same robust cloud software for our local installations. Deployable on standard hardware or VM's using Linux or Windows, one modestly configured server can handle hundreds of simultaneous sessions. We can install our own database or utilize an existing Microsoft SQL Server© license.

Light client vs. Browser

EncaptureMD can run in most modern browsers (IE 10 or greater, Firefox, Chrome) on PCs and Macs. We also have a light PC client which allows more deployment control and interaction with the local hardware and will link to our viewer options. Both can be deployed at the same site, allowing flexibility for the users. 

When integration is required, our integration engine needs to be on site no matter what deployment option is chosen. It allows direct communication to your EMR/HIS and communicates with our cloud or local installation securely. It can run on its own hardware or via a VM. It handles all HL7, DICOM, XML/PDF folder drop connections. We support all standard HL7 communication protocols and message types. We support DICOM SR and DICOM modality worklist client and server functionality. 

Integration Engine