EncaptureMD Developer

EncaptureMD comes with a powerful development tool. It is the same tool that we use to create EncaptureMD Modality Applications. With an optional Developer License and Support contract, staff with modest computer experience and IT professionals can adjust the EncaptureMD screens, reports, validation rules, actions, data mapping and much more. The tools are similar to Microsoft Access, but optimized for use in medical informatics.

EncaptureMD Administrator Tools

We are migrating more and more functionality from the Developer to the Administrator section of EncaptureMD. This allows for a broader range of users to be able to customize and maintain the system. Beyond initial setup (locations and labs, users and groups, report headers and footers) the Administrator Tools now include powerful billing management, scheduler setup, inventory setup and management, medication and I/O setup and much more.

EncaptureMD by Flexible Informatics-17.png

Example: Administrator Tools - Billing Manager

With this tool, any properly privileged administrator can modify how EncaptureMD billing works. Add new procedures, each can have one or more CPT/HCPCS codes. Then build a crosswalk between CPT and ICD 10 codes.  Each year, add new ICD 10 or CPT codes and deprecate ones no longer used. Set up rules that help physicians code properly at the point of car. Build a separate set of codes for echo, nuclear, vascular, etc and it will even allow for 2 locations in the same hospital or hospital system to have different billing. 

Example: EncaptureMD Developer - the Toolbox. 

This portion of our developer tool controls the database and the user interface. Organize fields into self-assembling containers. Input text, numbers, combo boxes, dates, tables and much more that build whatever forms you wish. EncaptureMD comes with all this already designed, but allows for as much change as the customer desires.

EncaptureMD by Flexible Informatics-20.png

Example: ActionScript coding within EncaptureMD

Most things can be done via our drag-and-drop interface, but if you want to add a formula or do a more complex data manipulation, EncaptureMD can allow you to code using an ECMA-standard script, like Javascript, to do whatever is needed.