Evaluate your work flow and system architecture

Every customer is unique. In medicine, this is especially true. Doctors and nurses bring views from where they trained. Equipment is highly variable. What the facility offers for testing and patient care varies. Computer systems, even if they are from a standard brand, are so highly customized that when hospitals merge, even if they have the same systems, those systems can often not communicate.

EncaptureMD's deployment team has engineers and clinicians will evaluate your present state and help determine the best methods to use to integrate our product into your existing environment. We will always find ways to improve your processes, even in areas where our product is peripheral.

Custom software development

While we are not a software developer for hire, frequently our customers have wonderful ideas on how to make EncaptureMD even better. We'll frequently build out new features or modules based on customer need. 

In addition, we can also perform development to meet your unique needs. If you have a thorny problem (legacy hardware or software, complex interfaces, home-grown development) where only a custom solution will suffice, please call us to discuss options.