"Our department tripled our productivity and I am confident we are producing standards compliant structured reports that are concise, accurate and immediately available to referring physicians."  

-ML, Philadelphia PA

Vascular Sonographer and Accreditation Specialist

"The software was designed by clinical specialists and it shows - the applications are intuitive, easy to learn and produce reports that are thorough and compliant with ICAVL standards, facilitating the accreditation process."  

-Cindy Valentine, Livonia MI

Academic Electrophysiologist

"Encapture for EP integrates the complex EP environment into a single elegant, efficient tool for procedural billing, reporting, and research."

-Mathew Hutchinson, MD, Tucson AZ

Clinical Cardiologist

Our multi-specialty group uses EncaptureMD for CT and MR angiography. Reports are generated rapidly, accurately, and in an eye-pleasing format. Automatically generated summary/conclusion saves a lot of time typing compared with other applications. Many of our referring practitioners have thanked us for the "upgrade" of our reports. 

-Matthew Janik, MD Wilmington NC

IT Specialist

"We joke that EncaptureMD is so powerful that we could easily write an application to fax complete orders to our local Mexican restaurant"  

-CF, Philadelphia, PA