With the rise of electronic medical records, doctors and nurses now spend less interacting with their patients. We want to fix that. EncaptureMD is a cutting edge informatics solution focused on Cardiology work flow that allows teams to work together as efficiently as possible and communicate important results to the patient care team with minimal effort. 

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We're looking for a thoughtful, energetic Integration Developer to join our growing team of programmers, clinicians, support staff and managers

As our customer-base grows, we need a team member willing to make EncaptureMD work for doctors, nurses, administrators, schedulers, billing experts and IT specialists by streamlining their workflow - interfacing our software directly into their IT infrastructure. When done right, thousands of hours can be saved by people at all levels in the healthcare enterprise.

We seek qualified applicants to join us to continue solving the difficult task of creating optimized, intuitive medical procedure documentation with minimal time and effort. 

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Job Details

Our ideal candidate will have healthcare and EMR experience and can work with programmers, project managers, clinical specialists, run technical meetings with the customer’s project and HL7 implementation teams. Will be responsible primarily for implementing new and support existing Interface projects.


  • Design, build and maintain interfaces that facilitate workflows between the EncaptureMD server and client systems
  • Resolve interface communications issues
  • Follow change management processes and work within project scope requirements
  • Maintain and document integration workflows, routes and communication port configurations and scripts


  • Successful completion of a Bachelor’s Degree. Preference for computer science, information systems,
    engineering studies or relevant technical experience.
  • Strong analytical and problem solving abilities.
  • Proficiency with Java and scripting languages
  • Working knowledge of SQL, networking, server client architecture, familiar with various protocols, i.e.; http, https, TCP/UDP,SSH, SSL
  • Experience building XML and JSON, API-based integrations and RESTful web services.
  • Effective oral and written communications skills. Ability to elicit and communicate technical and non-technical information in a clear and concise manner
  • Ability to read, comprehend and prepare complex written materials
  • Ability to create high-quality, bug free code

Strongest candidates will also have experience with, or be willing to learn

  • Healthcare interoperability and messaging standards, including but not limited to HL7 2.x, HL7 3.x, HL7 FHIR, IHE integration profiles and technical frameworks, and X12 HIPAA transactions and code sets
  • Interface Engines, healthcare operations, process improvement, and application of technology to improve patient outcomes
  • HIPAA and ePHI regulations, VPN technologies and Extract Transform and Load (ETL) strategies.